(Solid State Drive)

There are hard disk drives (HDD) and then there are solid-state drives (SSD). SSD technology is the faster and more efficient alternative to traditional hard disk drives. Dedicated to designing system upgrades for mainstream value consumers to enthusiast-caliber gamers, OCZ, a brand backed by TOSHIBA expertise, provides SSD storage that leads to enhanced productivity, gaming, and an overall computing experience.
PCIe® NVMe® M.2
SATA 6 Gbit/s 2.5-inch


Proprietary Technology Easy Management High Endurance
.Select OCZ SSDs feature in-house technology, from the hardware to the firmware to the software Our SSD Utility., will help you efficiently monitor, manage, and tune your OCZ SSD to your liking OCZ SSDs feature up to 219GB2 written per day providing the longevity you expect
.Feature Rich Feature Set Advanced Warranty Program3
With additional unique features1, OCZ will change your computing expectations and live up to the excitement .A new approach to service that offers free return shipping and advanced warranty replacement

 RD400/400A  Solid State Drive - PCIe® NVMe® M.2 SSD
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Quick Specs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sequential Read/Write Speed
Up to 2,600/1,600 MB/s
Up to 592TB TBW*
5-Year Advanced Warranty Program
Random Read/Write Speed (4KiB)
Up to 210,000/140,000 IOPS
128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1024GB
SSD Utility (SSD Management Software)
*TBW (Total Bytes Written)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features
NVMe® Interface
Say goodbye to legacy storage buses

M.2 2280 Form Factor
Latest SSD form factor for your next gen system build
Custom Drivers
RD400/400A utilizes custom high-performance drivers
PCIe® Performance
Surpass the SATA bottleneck once and for all
Low Power Mode
Requires less power when drive is in standby mode
1024 GB Storage
Store loads of data on up to 1024GB of SSD capacity
 TR150  Solid State Drive - SATA 6Gbit/s 2.5-inch SSD
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Quick Specs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Sequential Read/Write Speed
Up to 550/530 MB/s
Up to 240TB TBW*
3-Year Advanced Warranty Program
Random Read/Write Speed (4KiB)
Up to 87,000/83,000 IOPS
120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 960GB
SSD Utility (SSD Management Software)
*TBW (Total Bytes Written)
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features
TLC Technology Quality and Reliability Performance Made Affordable
Built with TLC NAND flash memory Toshiba technology built into every drive Well-balanced price to performance ratio
Longer Battery Life Toshiba Controller Slim Form Factor
Lower power consumption compared to HDDs with built-in power management modes Leverages a Toshiba SSD controller

Sleek housing offers slimmer 7mm height for compatibility with thin notebooks

Advanced Warranty Program:

We got you covered.
A new approach to service that mitigates the hassle surrounding support and warranty claims consumers often have to deal with. This program provides advanced replacement with no return shipping costs.

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Advanced Warranty Program.
Advanced Warranty Program
1 Features vary by SSD. Features of select drives include health monitoring, SSD tuner, OS tuner, firmware updates for enhanced performance and reliability, cloning software, and Advanced Warranty Program.
2 Based on the TR150 960GB capacity. GB written per day is calculated by dividing TBW (Total Bytes Written) by 365 x 3. Actual results may vary due to system configuration, usage and other factors.
3 Available to limited regions and countries.
Check availability.
.NVM Express® and NVMe® are trademarks of NVM Express, Inc.PCIe® and PCI Express® are registered trademarks of PCI-SIG.
.4KiB random performance is measured with IOMETER 2010, 4KiB file size, QD32 (100% Incompressible Data).
.Definition of capacity: Toshiba defines a megabyte (MB) as 1,000,000 bytes, a gigabyte (GB) as 1,000,000,000 bytes and a terabyte (TB) as 1,000,000,000,000 bytes. A computer operating system, however, reports storage capacity using powers of 2 for the definition of 1GB = 230 = 1,073,741,824 bytes and therefore shows less storage capacity. Available storage capacity (including examples of various media files) will vary based on file size, formatting, settings, software and operating system such as Microsoft Operating System and/or pre-installed software applications, or media content. Actual formatted capacity may vary.
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