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Supermicro - Delivering High Performance to the Edge

As connected devices grow exponentially in numbers, processing at the local Edge is becoming critical to managing and processing large amounts of generated data to support demanding applications. As a result, Supermicro is leveraging advanced product designs to provide expandable, power-optimized, ultrareliable computing with forward-thinking software platform partners, building application-ready solutions for multiple vertical markets.

Environmental conditions are much more challenging at the Edge than in a climate-controlled data center. Yet, Edge servers and IoT devices still need to perform as required while operating in these diverse conditions. Of course, as the processing power increases, the heat that needs to be also removed increases, requiring adequate cooling technologies. The systems are highly configurable and allow expansion with the necessary accelerator technology to enable AI/ML applications at the Edge.

Download the product brief to discover Supermicro’s range of edge systems optimized for each type of workload and deployment.

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