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Broadcom LPe12000 FC Host Bus Adapter

MEC Code: AVLPE12000M8
Manufacture Part Number: LPe12000-M8
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Product cycle: CURRENT

Unparalleled manageability, reliability, performance and ease of deployment

Streamlined installation and management, unrivaled scalability and industry-leading virtualization support make the dual-channel LPe12002 Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) an ideal solution for enterprise, mixed-operating system (OS) and virtual server environments. With powerful management capabilities and broad platform support, they deliver maximum performance in the broadest range of applications and environments.

Proven design, architecture and interface

Emulex HBAs feature a highly integrated processor design with minimized onboard components to improve host performance and efficiency. Advanced error-checking features ensure the integrity of block data as it traverses the Storage Area Network (SAN). The firmware-based architecture enables feature and performance upgrades without costly hardware changes. The unique Service Level Interface (SLI™) allows use of a common driver across all models of Emulex HBAs on a given OS platform. Installation and management facilities are designed to minimize server reboots and further simplify deployment.