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Broadcom M150PM - 1 x 50GbE OCP 2.0 Multi-Host Adapter

Manufacture Part Number: BCM957452M4520C
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Product cycle: Release soon
Based on Broadcom's scalable 10/25/50/100/200G Ethernet controller architecture, the NetXtreme®-E Series M150PM 1x50G OCP 2.0 multi-host adapter is designed to build highly scalable, feature-rich networking solutions in servers for enterprise and cloud-scale networking and storage applications, including high-performance computing, telco, machine learning, storage disaggregation and data analytics. The M150PM 1x50G OCP 2.0 multi-host adapter builds upon the success of the widely deployed NetXtreme E-Series architecture by combining a high-bandwidth Ethernet controller with a unique set of highly optimized hardware acceleration engines to enhance network performance and improve server efficiency. Driven by the growing need for higher server bandwidth and storage capacity to support new and emerging applications, enterprises, telcos and cloud providers are modernizing their data centers by adopting latest networking technologies, such as server virtualization and NVMe-oF™. The resulting expansion in data volumes increases server-to-server traffic and CPU loads for networking tasks. With its market-leading hardware acceleration technologies, the NetXtreme-E Series M150PM 1x50G OCP 2.0 multi-host adapter addresses these performance and service demands of mega-scale data center networks with high throughput and advanced flow processing. Features such as TruFlow™ increase VM density up to 50 percent, freeing more CPU cycles for additional virtual machines. On-chip tunneling protocol processing for Geneve, VXLAN, and NVGRE provides up to a 5X throughput increase while lowering CPU utilization up to 90 percent compared to software-only solutions. NetXtreme-E Series solutions also support advanced networking technologies such as RoCE, SDN and NFV, to facilitate the management of data networks and to enable service provider solutions. [PDF] BCM957452M4520C Single-Port 1G/10G/25G/40G/50G, Dual-Port 1G/10G/25G, Quad-Port 1G/ 10G/25G Ethernet, RoCE, SR-IOV, and Multi-Host PCI Express Gen3 x8 Features Standards-compliant 50/25/10G single-port QSFP28 OCP 2.0 multi-host adapter with line-rate, full-duplex throughput NIC partitioning supporting 16 physical functions (PFs) TruFlow™ engine for intelligent flow processing to increase server VM density and accelerate vSwitch processing Industry's most secure OCP 2.0 adapter solution leveraging Broadcom's BroadSAFE® technology to provide unparalleled platform security via Silicon Root of Trust New end-to-end congestion avoidance and management to anticipate and eliminate congestion before it happens Support for advanced networking technologies including RoCE, SDN, NFV and virtualization TruManage™ enhances server manageability and security for data center deployments Multi-host allows multiple compute and storage nodes to seamlessly connect to a single Ethernet adapter for cloud-scale networking and storage applications Applications Cloud and Web2.0 data center servers Enterprise data center servers Private Cloud Machine Learning (ML) clusters High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters Multi-node container platforms NVMe storage disaggregation (NVMe-oF) Database servers